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About Leah's

Leah’s Biscotti was established by accomplished pastry chef and local gourmand, Leah Kalish, who loved what she did and made her dream job a reality. Leah perfected her recipes and sold her biscotti and other baked goods in her very own retail shop in Toronto from 2010 until 2022.


When her retail shop closed, the Leah’s Biscotti brand and recipes were enthusiastically adopted by Jamie Weksberg, founder of Branded Bites, a Toronto-based company specializing in other delicious custom baked goods. Having launched his own business from his basement in 2012, Jamie was always passionate about entrepreneurship, and has been deeply committed to maintaining the heart and soul of Leah’s Biscotti.


Leah’s Biscotti is hand-made and available in a number of delicious flavours, each with a light, gentle crisp. It is now produced in Jamie’s wholesale bakery in Toronto, and sold through retail partners across Ontario.

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